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Each project is thoroughly costed and developed before moving to the final planning stage. Drawings are created to regulation standard, creating a precise and clear view of the work required
Whether you are just planning a project or thinking about a future expansion, then please make contact with us. We will be able to assist you in your planning drawing on our experience gained. Many kitchen make-overs are similar in concept, and our input at the first stage can introduce you to new ideas in equipment that you may not be aware of.

New methods of preparation, cooking and cleaning are always being developed.

We will have experience of the best options available and will be able to discuss these options with you.

If however, you are simply upgrading your existing equipment, our skill in buying over a period of time with reliable and recognised suppliers guarantees you peace of mind in knowing what is the best option for your upgrade equipment.

Contact Hugh Coleman,with the link at the bottom of the page and we will make an appointment to discuss your project.
Client: The Fine Burger
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